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Why Shop at Sanaa Chocolates?

Premium Chocolate Confections

Sanaa Chocolate creations are completely natural, free of additives and preservatives to maintain originality and quality. We pay great attention to detail and make each of our chocolates with love.

Freshly Made Chocolate Confections

Our bonbons, confections, and chocolates are always fresh. Each item has a shelf life of up to two weeks, and we strive not to overproduce so no items are wasted.

Product Sourcing

We believe in sustainability. Sanaa Chocolates always shops locally for the freshest and best quality ingredients. Any ingredients that cannot be locally obtained are ethically sourced from our global partners.

Delivery or Pick-up

Sanaa Chocolates is closed Sunday to Wednesday to allow for production of fresh creations. Orders made in advance can be picked up at the store between Thursday to Saturday. We offer delivery in St. Joseph and Elkhart counties upon special request.

What We Do

At Sanaa Chocolates, we specialize in chocolate art by creating the most elegant and artistic treats. Our bonbons are filled with fresh fruits & nuts from Michigan farms, Fresh Thyme, and at our local Farmer’s Market. We source our fresh ingredients & spices from the local Amish community. Whether it’s for weddings, corporate events, gifts, or more, we’re renowned for our delicious chocolate confections!

We only use quality couverture chocolate that contains up to five ingredients at most; cacao beans, natural cane sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin and vanilla beans. This perfect combination contributes to the crisp freshness and the sheer decadence of our exclusive bonbon range. In addition, we take pride in ethically sourcing for couverture chocolate that is 100% FAIR TRADE as certified by

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