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About Us

Who we Are

Sanaa Chocolates was founded by husband and wife Yvonne and Oscar Kaunda in 2017 and fully licensed in 2019.

Our chocolate confectionery shop is dedicated to quality creations and passionate about bringing the finest flavors to every one of our valued customers.

We take pride in the local sourcing of the best quality 100% Fair Trade cacao. Our ingredients are organic and seasonal, with unique flavors inspired by the various regions of the world. We guarantee that every bite will take you on a decadent journey into the artful world of Sanaa Chocolates.

‘There are no limits when it comes to chocolate making. Anything is possible’ ~ Sanaa Chocolates

Meet the Chocolatier

My fondness for chocolates goes back to when I was still very little. Growing up, I didn’t have the privilege to have chocolates often, but when I did, I cherished every bit!

With time, I discovered that not all chocolates are created equally, and I always wondered what made the good ones stand out. Throughout my high school experience and time at international university, my interest in chocolates grew.

After completing my studies in Malaysia in 2014, I traveled to the United States to further my education and in 2017, my husband surprised me with an admission letter to the Ecolè Chocolat, a professional school of chocolate arts in Vancouver, Canada.

In a quest to broaden my knowledge about chocolate confections, I enrolled for a master chocolatier course with Master Chef Chocolatier Luis Amado. My dream came true, and today I am a certified Master Chocolatier and the proud co-founder of Sanaa Chocolates!


At Sanaa Chocolates, we strive to offer the highest quality service and products. To do this, we train with the very best in the industry.

We have been trained with:

  • Master Chocolatier Artisanne
  • Master Chef and Chocolatier Luis Amado
  • Master Chocolatier Andrew Dubovik

We hope that this list will only continue to grow as we continue to expand our services and develop our skills!

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